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Egg Montessori Puslespill - Play Brainy

270,00 kr Ordinær pris 369,00 kr



Interaktivt matchende egg-spill (12 stk. sett)

Har en fargerik dinosaur i hvert egg

Inkluderer 12 Dino-former i 6 livlige farger

Kompakt og bærbar for hjemme- eller reiselek

Trygg for små hender og små barn (3 år og oppover)

Kraftig, BPA-fri plastkonstruksjon

Praktisk Snap-Close Egg Carrier-oppbevaring


About this product

COLOR & SHAPE RECOGNITION DEVELOPMENT – This set of 12 shape and color matching eggs are the ideal educational toy to help your little one develop essential color and shape recognition skills thanks to their various fun matching shapes and colors. PERFECT FOR EARLY DEVELOPMENT – By matching the shapes and colors of the color shape eggs, the Play Brainy matching egg toys are able to assist your toddler or preschool aged child with developing essential mental and motor skills early on. EXCITING EDUCATIONAL TOYS – Not only are our shape eggs perfect for helping your child learn and develop, they’re also incredibly fun and engaging to play with thanks to being easy to pull apart and then being put back together with little effort. CHILD FRIENDLY DESIGN – Our color shape eggs have been made with non-toxic and child-friendly materials so that your little one can play and learn with them continuously without you having to worry about their health or safety.